Prepare For Your First Post-Divorce Holiday Season

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Divorce is never an easy experience for anybody. If you’re in the end stage of this extremely difficult process and have recently finalized your divorce, you may feel emotionally drained and unprepared to deal with the onslaught of family memories, traditions, and events that the holidays tend to bring. If you’re dreading your first holiday season post-divorce (especially if you have young children or if the divorce was extremely hard), remember that you’re not alone. Divorce is hard, and the hustle and bustle of the holidays is often difficult enough already for many people to deal with. While you may (understandably) not be feeling the holiday spirit or be in the merriest of moods, you should still try your best to make the holiday season a special time for your children. Putting effort into connecting with family post-divorce can help ease the transition process and make it easier for your children to adjust, because it shows them you still care, despite everything your family has gone through. Read on to learn more about some tips from top family attorneys Swickle & Associates on how to navigate the holiday season following a divorce. 

Tips For Navigating Your First Holiday Season Post-Divorce

The holidays can be a difficult time for anybody, and emotions tend to bubble up as we are inundated with family events, memories, and traditions. Just because your divorce is finalized on paper doesn’t mean the rest of your life or your emotions have quite caught up to it yet. Coping with a major life-altering event like divorce requires time, and getting through your first holiday season after such a significant shift in family dynamics will require effort. No matter what you do, things will never be the same- but there are some things you can consider to help yourself and your family adjust to the circumstances and move forward in the future. Here are some tips for navigating your first holiday season post-divorce to keep in mind.

  • Be patient: The holidays can get quite busy and chaotic even under the best circumstances, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, hav a little patience. Go easy on yourself- you’re dealing with an extremely new situation, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it right.
  • Try and be flexible: The holidays are supposed to be about bonding with family and friends, so try to remember that rather than on the specific time or place you celebrate certain holidays. You may need to alternate and schedule who gets to spend time with the kids every year, so if you don’t have them for Thanksgiving this year, celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day and create some new traditions!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: It can be difficult to ask for help and reach out, but it’s important to tell people close to you when you need their support. Be proactive and ask for what you need from friends and family.
  • Self-Care is key: Don’t forget to treat yourself when you buy presents for those you love. Buying something that will make you happy and being good to yourself will help you treat those around you better.
  • Work with your ex: Even if you don’t have the best feelings about your ex, cooperating will make things easier for your kids and set the tone for future family dynamics.

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