Seeking Full Custody As A Father

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When you think about being a good father, you may not envision having to fight to prove that you’re able to offer the best home possible for your child. However, every single day, fathers around the United States are forced to go to court to fight for full custody of their child. The keys to success when seeking full custody of your child is to be prepared, follow-through thoroughly, and be consistent. Family courts are looking after the child’s best interests and what will be optimal for the child, not necessarily what the parents want. Fathers who wish to seek sole custody are granted all of the same rights as mothers in America. Read on to learn more about some things to take into consideration when seeking full custody as a father, and how to be prepared for your court case so that you get the best chance at winning full custody.

How To Get The Best Chance At Winning Full Custody As A Father

There are many things you should consider before, during, and after going to court for full custody. Here are some tips you should keep in mind to optimize your chances of getting and maintaining full custody as the child’s father:

  • Be aware of everything you’re getting into: It is essential that you fully assess your current lifestyle, work schedule, finances, and support system. Realistically think about all the challenges that being a full-time parent entails. Know how you will provide for your child, where they’re going to live, and how you will transport them to school, doctor’s appointments, and other commitments. Consider your child’s immediate needs and long-term interests and what you need to do to meet them. You should consult with other single fathers to get a better idea of what it’s like to have sole custody. Your case will be strengthened if you can show a family court that your request for full custody is an informed decision.
  • Know your child and their lifestyle: If you can demonstrate you know what your child cares about, the activities and relationships that stabilize their life, and the special considerations essential to their individual education, healthcare, and social life, the court will deem you more fit as a parent. Remember it isn’t enough to just know this information, as the court will need to see your commitment to being active in your child’s life. This includes everything from spending quality time regularly with your child to attending parent-teacher conferences.
  • Abide by court order: While it can be frustrating to follow a court order you don’t think serves your child’s best interests, or that you believe prevents you from maintaining a relationship with your child, breaking a court order can be extremely harmful to your case. Even if you’re unable currently to spend substantial amounts of time with your kid, you can illustrate your commitment to parenting by creating a comfortable environment for your child in your home, paying child support in a timely manner, and doing everything you can to stay involved in your child’s life.
  • Cooperate fully: Being communicative and respectful towards your ex can be key when going through a court system considering an initial or modified custody order. If your child’s other parent prevents visitation or refuses to follow the joint custody schedule, consult with an expert family attorney from Swickle & Associates to determine a course of action. It is essential to not lose your composure or temper under any circumstances.

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